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Join us for biblical teachings concerning the ministry of dance. Conference call sessions are ongoing weekly Saturday mornings. Please email if you would like more information.

Certificate of Dance will be presented upon completion of 2 sessions.

Please join us on our teleconference call sessions.

Please call or email if you would like to host a one day workshop. Email for more details.

If you would like prayer please contact us so that we may pray for you and your ministry.

Worship in Motion was founded by Minister Fran Harris in 2009; after seeing the need for teaching on the biblical aspect of dance and seeing those longing for a pure worship in the dance. Fran began her journey in the ministry of dance in 1989 at All Nations Community Church, and continues with leading the dance ministry at Freedom Church Ministries Inc. Ordained in August 2008 as a Minister of Dance through Word and Worship Ministries International. A current member of National Liturgical Dance Network. A member of Christian Dance Fellowship. An instructor with TEN / The Eagles Network of Illinois. A graduate from Hope Bible Institute and Seminary with a degree of Bachelor of Arts In Ministry. Fran believes that the dance and the arts are an evangelistic tool which will open doors for healing , deliverance and wholeness. Graduate of TEN Worldwide 2011 class. Graduate of Eagles International Training Institute 2013 -2017 classes. Licensed Dance Minister in 2013 through EITI. Graduate of EIFI -Flag Institute year 1 and 2, EIAI - Authors Institute year 1 and 2.

EITI -Torah 2019.

2017 TEN Worldwide Director for Flags and Pageantry.

2018 Received Doctorate of Divinity

2019 Received Apostolic Consecration -WWMI Bible Institute and Seminary.